I LOVE my clients...I pour my heart into every photoshoot, whether it be in extra editing or doing backflips to get those smiles. So when my clients are happy it's my favorite. Here's just a few of the quick emails I've gotten back after sending an album out


Ashley - I am literally crying tears of joy - PHENOMONAL job! Please know that I plan on booking you every year - please don't get rid of us! lol. Thank you so much - love your work - A million thank yous!​ - Jamie





"Wow! You are masterful and talented. We just loved hanging out with you for the afternoon and the pictures are just wonderful. Thank you for sharing your skills and your heart for this work with us!  We would like to purchase all of the digital files. Thank you again Ashley!!!!!!"  -JoJo



Omg....we love them Ashley!! Thank you SO very much!! We loved last years pictures and I love this years even more...if that is even possible!! You are amazing!! Thanks so much!! I love that we have beach ones and now some foresty ones to hang!!! I am determined...I am going to print them out next week when I am off!!! ( last years and this years) Hope you had a great visit out here!!! Have a great holiday season with your fam!!! -Brandy 





"Love love love them!  As expected I cannot choose and need all of them!  
I really love the picture of B and I...we don't have a cute pic like that besides our wedding photos ♡
You are the best.  Thank you for squeezing us in to your busy time!"  -Juliana






"I love them - I actually can't believe you got some of Tommy smiling!  Not that you aren't capable - just that he was such a crab.  Thank you SO much.  I've looked through them about 10 times already and can't decide my faves."  -Amy











"These turned out great!  I'm putting a check in the mail today because for the first time in a long time I actually love most of them."  -Dawn













"I love them!!!!!   Thank you!"  -Josie











"Thank you so much for sharing all the photos you took!  I thought maybe you'd choose your 10 favorite and I wouldn't see the rest.  There are too many good one to decide which ones to keep : )"  -Michelle