Let's get ready!

Sometimes the hardest part for you is just getting everyone out the door without a meltdown or wardrobe catastrophe! Many clients want to know what they can do to set us up for a successful shoot!

RELAX! If mom and dad are stressed then it's hard to get those sweet relaxed faces from the kiddos. Schedule naps, feedings so everyone arrives rested and full, as clean as can be and then just try and relax and have fun! Sometimes I'll tell you not to look at me and the best thing to do is engage your kiddo in a conversation, something silly is always good, tickling works too. Trying less can get the best most natural looks from everyone.

Outfits Please give this some thought, it really does make a difference in your end photos. Stay away from all white or all black outfits if possible and see my post on outfit choices here and some color scheme examples here. I love it when clients want to dress up - just make sure everyone is similarly formal. Suits are actually the most flattering shape for a men's body. I will send you a complete style guide once we have booked a session together so don't worry!

Help...or not Some kids needs lots of energy and help to get excited for those sweet smiles, but some kids just need to have the pressure taken away to be able to relax and make genuine expressions. Sometimes I steal a kiddo away from the chaos if I feel like he might need that, best thing for you to do is just hang back for a minute until we return, plus you'll get some surprise pics!

Ask Let me know if I didn't get a pose or combination you wanted, I love it when clients speak up! This is YOUR photo shoot and YOUR family, I want you to treasure these pictures so talk to me about your expectations!


Let's savor the sweet things in life and stop time through your photos!